Curriculum Rotations Grid
Structured Board Review
AAFP Board Review Lectures
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ACGME document on Family Medicine Milestone Project


FM RAPTOR (Teaching Evaluation)

Policy Manuals
2016-17 Resident Policy and Procedure Manual

FMS Policies and Guidelines

WHC Clinic Provider Guidelines

Dashboard Template

OB Information
OB Book Online
(chapters are individual links)
OB Book
(single PDF, 230 pages, 2 minute download)
Perineal Repair Video
(Length: 27:39-2 minute download)

GDM - Prenatal, L&D, PP Care Flowsheet
28 Week Checklist
Vitamin D in Pregnancy
ACOG - HTN in Pregnancy

Prenatal Care Chart

FM-OB Collaborative Agreemnt - Inpt

FM-OB Collaborative Agreement - Outpt

Fetal Heart Monitor Interpretation:
#1 Training (104 Slides, 2 min to load)
#2 Cases (50 slides, 45 sec to load)

Core Conference
Core Conference Presentations
(videos, slides)

Early Prenatal Screening:
Provider info
Patient info
ACOG Guideline - Jan 2007

ED Education Videos

NEJM Clinical Videos

Musculo-Skeletal Exam

 Hypnosis Clip

Behavior Science Curriculum
Communication Videos
Family Conference Information
Family Conference Resident Feedback Form
Advanced Interviewing Resources
Sexual Health/Sexuality Resources

Patient Care
Point of Care Guides
Monthly Topics
Type 2 Diabetes - Master Decision Path (Sept 2012)
Prediabetes Health Providers Tool Kit
Whittier Pain Contract

WHC Clinic Patient Care Policy Guide


Adolescent Care

Adolescent Workshop Packet

Competency Evaluations
Skin Cryo
Excisional biopsy
Nail plate removal
Pap test
IUD insertion
2015-16 Annual Report - Family Medicine Residency Program